DMR Base Single Packing Machine

General Product Information:

DESCRIPTIONIt is the best way to retain product’s freshness and preserve quality by packing harvested materials in a range of approximately 20-25kg bags.Our packing machines provide a significant contribution in the feeding animals by preserving materials’ longtime freshness and productivity so that the expenses stemming from animal feed is minimized. Our machines are well-equipped and it can be designed in compliance with all kind of demands and needs. If you have shortage place ,you can definitely buy this machine.FEATURESFeeding bunker,Feeding Conveyor Belt,Loadcell,Weighing and Filling Unit,Bottom Conveyor Band,Press Unit,Vacuum Unit,Sealing/Sewing/Clipping Conveyor,Control Panel,Air Compressor,Mobil Chassis,Mechanical Lift Jack,Bodywork Protecting System Suitable Materials for PackingMaize Silage Corn Silage Grass SilageForage SilageSugar Beet PulpRoughage Feeds –Sawdust –Pellet FeedFruit - Olive- Grape Pulp Waste Vegetable Material Standart Equipments Filling UnitSteel LoadcellsWeighing UnitPress and Sealing UnitControl Panel with IndicatorEntegrated 3 Meter Conveyor BandWeight Control BandFeeder belt200 lt Air CompressorTechnical Specifications Max. Capacity : 8-10 Ton/hRequired Power : 380 VFilling Range : 25-50 Kg/bagSealing and Pressing Band : 300cmPower Consumption : 16 Kw/hChasis Dimension : 5,50 cmFilling Bunker Diameter : Ø28 - Ø32 cm Working Height : 300cm


Industry:agriculture industry-livestock industry-mining indusrtsilage packing machine.forage packing machine.maize packing machine.corn packing machine.sugar beet pulp packing machine.barley packing machine.wheat packing machine.animal feed packing machine.animal
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