Big bags for agriculture

General Product Information:

Polypropylene (PP) Big Bags - also known as "FIBCs", "bulk bags", "jumbo bags" - are defined as intermediate bulk container, having a body made of flexible fabric which is intended for shipping and storing dry bulk products.Usually made from woven polypropylene (coated or uncoated-breathable), big bags employ varying fabrics and fabric specific weights depending on container strength and factors of safety.PP big bags do not require further packaging because they are designed to be lifted from the top by attached devices (polypropylene loops/belts or straps).Because every bulk goods requires its own solution due o its specifications - from development, planning and construction to expert assembly, commissioning and service - the PP big bags manufacturers develop a variety of solutions in order to ensure the best choice for their customers.So instead of being stuck with a container that limits the possibilities of filling, moving, storing and discharging the products, PP big bags are custom made to meet every specific needs.


Industry:plastic packaging
Delivery Time:15 days
Quantities:100 pcs
Type:Selling Offer

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